Multicomponents provides a MULTItude of waste management solutions to support you as you soar upwards. Our comprehensive range of products includes Garbage Chutes, Linen Chutes, Eco- Friendly Recycling Chute Systems and Volume Handling Equipment such as Compactors & Carousels for residential and commercial buildings and institutional settings, such as hotels, offices and hospitals. Our chutes are designed as a group of interconnected systems that are easy to use, secure and clean.

While the products and services we provide are tailored individually for every customer, there are certain promises and principles that we bring to every single project, based on our company's core values of Synergy, Commitment, Originality, Reliability and Excellence.

Let us help you

To determine what products will work more efficiently and effectively for you, let us review your architectural drawings
and recommend the best solution for your project's waste management needs.

We invite you to experience the high level of customer experience that will surpass your expectations when you engage us on your next project.

When we CHUTE, you SCORE