Providing you with a MULTItude of solutions, Multicomponents allows for freedom and flexibility in your choices.

If you want it, we will make it.

We have a wide range of convenient and user-friendly accessories to enhance and optimise your chute system.
We offer economical to high end premium variants to cater to your budget.


The following are some of the more popular options.


Maintains flow of fresh air within chute



Maintains hygiene and wellbeing by eliminating odour



  • Minimises vibrations and noise level for wellbeing of residents
  • Extends life of chute


chute installation



The Ventilation System with Exhaust Fan installed up to 1.2 m above the top of the chute maintains a smooth flow of fresh air within the chute by removing foul smell and gases generated. The exhaust fan can be timed to operate only at fixed intervals to control noise as well as power wastage.

  • Vent unit is made from stainless steel and includes parts such as weatherproof cowl, insect screen and vent duct
  • Operated by a Control Panel
  • Designed to give a minimum of 20/40 air changes/hr
  • Foul air exhaust fan helps prevent the escape of any bad odours or explosive gases, through the intake hoppers or into the Garbage Room

Size: Available in both same diameter or reduced diameter exhaust

MOC: Stainless Steel 304 grade


Multicomponents’ Cleaning Equipment ensures that your chute is clean and odour free.
By adding our Disinfectant & Sanitation Unit at the top of your chute, as well as our Odour Control Unit, we can design
the most effective and efficient system that meets your building requirements yet keeping your cost to a minimum.

Disinfectant & Sanitation Unit

Designed to automatically flush the internal surface of your chutes, our Disinfectant & Sanitation Unit helps to maintain the hygiene, well-being, health and safety of your premises.

  • Installed at the roof level and operated by a Control Panel in the Garbage Room.
  • Central 120° solid cone profile discharge sprinkler is placed strategically to provide full circular coverage, keeping discharge constant irrespective of changing inlet pressure.
  • chute installationA low maintenance proportioned valve system provides an automatic flow of disinfectant into the cleaning water during the 2 minute cycle.
  • chute installationNozzles can also be varied and easily replaced to suit the volume of disinfectant to be provided in the water.

Odour Contol Unit

Designed to be used in closed door Garbage Rooms, our Odour Control Unit neutralises or reduces the foul odours from decomposing garbage. The fully programmable unit switches on and off at desired intervals. The odorous gases are dissolved and masked by the Eucalyptus scented neutraliser.

  • chute installationOdour Control Unit disperses neutraliser in the air in very small particle sizes, ranging from 1-10 Microns.
  • chute suppliersUltrafine particles bind with the molecules of the odorous gases. This increases the weight of these molecules and they settle down and biodegrade.
  • chute suppliersEucalyptus scented solution automatically eliminates the odour while acting to eliminate the bacteria that causes the odour.
  • chute suppliers sydneyRequiring little maintenance, the neutraliser liquid can easily be replaced and a refill lasts for months


A variety of coating options are available.

Sound Dampening Coat

Sound Dampening Coat (Daubert or Equivalent Paint) can be applied to the outside of chute to dramatically minimize the vibration and noise level in the chute by up to 5 - 15 db.

Anti-Corrosive Exterior Coat

Anti-Corrosive Exterior Coat (Bitumen-based or Special Anti-Corrosive coat, with a thickness of approximately 0.3 to 0.5 mm can be applied to the external surface of the chute to extend the life of your chute.