Multicomponents chutes are fully factory assembled with all joints welded to ensure a water-tight system and maximum strength. Completely seamless, all chutes have a flushed interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets or clips protruding into the chute opening. A distinct feature of the design is also the swaging and mechanical crimping done on end of the chute sections. This provides excellent circular dimensional stability to the chute and enhances long term leak-proof performance.

Material of Construction


Multicomponents uses superior materials for the construction of our chutes. Galvanised Steel is used for unparalleled quality as it has the advantage of being resistant to the humidity, acid and alkalis contained within garbage. Highly durable, it is cost-effective in the long run as there are no applied coatings that wear off. It has also very high impact strength. The exterior surface of our garbage chutes are coated with a sound dampening compound to ensure a quieter waste disposal in your buildings.

A large range of other materials are also available including Stainless Steel, LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) and custom built solutions.

Selection of Chute Diameter


Multicomponents provides a comprehensive range of circular chute diameters.

Type of Building Garbage Chute Diameter
Residential 600 mm
Commercial 600 mm
Malls 750 mm
Hotels 750 mm
Hospitals 750 mm

We always recommend the optimum chute size of 600 mm diameter for residential buildings as it suits most current user requirements in terms of capacity and also gives an unobstructed free flow of garbage within the chute.

However, if you have other considerations, we would be able to manufacture according to your requirements.

Selection of Chute Thickness


Multicomponents provides a range of chute thicknesses according to the diameter of your chute and the number of floors in your development.

Number of Floors Floors Chute Thickness
1 - 10 All 1.6 mm
1 - 20 1– 9
10 - 20
2.0 mm
1.6 mm
1 - 30 1 - 6
7 - 20
21 - 30
3.0 mm
2.0 mm
1.6 mm
1 - 45 1 - 9
11 - 30
31 - 45
3.0 mm
2.0 mm
1.6 mm

Floor Support Frame


The frame holds a metal clamp band and is cut, shaped and drilled from 40 x 40 x 5 mm mild steel angle bars with a rigid, welded construction. They are fixed to slab at each floor. We hot dip galvanised our frames to prevent rusting and for superior life.

Chute Termination


A Garbage Chute differs from a Linen Chute primarily in the way it terminates at the bottom. A Garbage Chute ends into a trolley whereas a Linen Chute, which is usually installed in hotels or hospitals, would have sorting tables at the bottom end of the chute to ensure that the linen can be sorted as it is received.

In both cases, we need to have the Discharge End Fire Door, which will close the chute down in case there is a fire in the Garbage Room.

Chute Offset


Chute Offsets (bends) are not recommended but are sometimes inevitable. Our offsets are manufactured using Satin Coat Galvanized Steel, which is far superior. Sometimes an offset with a heavier gauge (#10 gauge or 2.6 mm) is provided at the bottom section of the chute, to reduce the velocity and withstand the impact of falling garbage.



We are also able to provide high quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wheelie garbage trolleys for waste disposal and collection. These are available in varied capacities (240L, 330L, 660L and 1100L wheelie bins) and colour range to meet your waste stream standards.