Multicomponents’ Garbage Chutes are designed to provide a clean and efficient method of removing waste in residential and commercial buildings. The garbage chute intake hopper is provided at desired locations on every floor. The user has to open the intake hopper door manually or automatically, and dispose the garbage bag through the opening. This will travel through the chute by gravity and will be collected in the Garbage Room at the basement. After disposal, the hopper gets closed automatically.


Superior Materials

Multicomponents garbage chutes are made with superior quality Galvanised Steel. It is highly resistant to the humidity, acid and alkalis contained within garbage. Perfect for use in such a harsh and busy environment as it is extremely durable and has high impact strength. Our chutes are also available in premium quality Stainless Steel SS304 grade or polyethylene.


Durable Construction

Built to last, our robust design and manufacturing processes ensure that less maintenance is needed in the long run, thus further reducing your cost. Effective and quick installation on project site as chutes are fully factory assembled with all our joints welded to ensure chute stability, chute alignment and maximum strength. Completely seamless, all chutes have a flushed interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets or clips protruding into the chute opening to allow for smooth flow inside chute.



Our ‘C’ Type Discharge End Fire Doors are equipped with a 68ºC, replaceable, fusible link designed to melt in the event of a fire. This slows or stops fire from traveling up the chute into the building, protecting the structure and occupants. Automatic Fire Sprinkler Heads are supplied with corresponding openings in the chute at alternate floors in addition to that at the head of the chute. When temperatures reach 68°, the sprinklers open to extinguish fires.

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Garbage Chutes

Garbage Chutes

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Innovative Hopper

A class above the rest, Multicomponents Intake Hoppers set the gold standard in the market. Made entirely from 304 Stainless Steel, our bottom- pivoted, top opening, self-closing hoppers have excellent quality, are longer lasting, easier to clean, and require less maintenance. All of our intake hoppers are 120 minutes fire rated as per Australian Standards AS1530.4-2005.

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Clean &
Odour Free

The Ventilation System with exhaust fan and controller installed at the top of the chute helps to maintain a flow of fresh air within your chute by removing foul smell and gases generated. Designed to automatically flush the internal surface of your chutes, our sanitation unit helps to maintain the hygiene, wellbeing, health and safety of your premises. This ensures that your chute stays odour free.

Schematic Layout of Garbage Chute for Typical Floors

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