With the challenges our Earth is facing from the depletion of natural resources and climate change, recycling waste is highly encouraged. As such, Multicomponents is committed to providing a smart solution which is as easy and convenient as garbage disposal to separate waste types generated in high-rise buildings. This is also in line with the growing recommendation by councils in Australia for the provision of a segregated chute system as part of a building’s waste management plan.

Our e-Sorter System is an electro-hydraulic motorised unit at the bottom of the chute in the Garbage Room to separate and divert the waste in the appropriate bin.



Segregated Intake Hopper Doors

Each level has a chute door which is
electronically connected to a Control Panel

Rotating Flap Door

Diverts the waste in the appropriate bin at the bottom of the chute, in the Garbage Room

Volume Handling

Available for two or three sorts and can be combined with multiple bin carousels and compactors for effective waste management


Cost -Effective

Specialised extension of a building’s chute system


Utilises push buttons at the intake hopper doors allowing the user to select the type of waste to be deposited. Simple controls improve efficiency and reduce risks of malfunction


Eliminates the burden of carrying recyclable materials to another location in (or outside of) the building


  • The user approaches the chute at his floor and has to select one out of the two or three buttons available i.e. two for Wet/Dry or three if more segregation is required.01
  • The bisorter or trisorter at the bottom receives a signal and moves the rotating flap door to the required position to guide the garbage or recyclables into the correct collection bin, located in the Garbage Room.02
  • Once done, the respective indicator at the control panel lights up according to the type of garbage chosen and releases the door lock to allow the user to open the door to dispose his garbage or recyclables.03
  • The door closes and the locks become active again.If users on other levels make the same selection, they are able to deposit their waste at the same time.04
  • If another selection is chosen during the same operation, the user would be required to wait for the rotating flap door to move to the other position to indicate that it is ready.05
  • The trolleys at the bottom now have respective garbage ready to be sent for recycling, decomposition etc.06

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