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Ventilation System with Exhaust Fan
Ventilation System with Exhaust Fan installed at the top of the chute helps to maintain a flow of fresh air within your chute by removing foul smell and gases generated. The exhaust fan can be timed to operate only at fixed intervals to control noise as well as power wastage. The vent unit is shaped from stainless steel parts such as weatherproof cowl, insect screen and vent duct.
Central Cleaning System
Central Cleaning System is designed to clean the total vertical length of the internal surfaces of chutes. It can be pre-set on timers to automatically clean at your desired frequency. The 120 deg solid cone profile discharge sprinkler provided above the last intake level provides full circular coverage.
Keyed Access Hatch Door
Stainless Steel Access Hatch Door is on the top floor of the building, just above the intake hopper door. It is used by maintenance personnel for inspection of ventilation system and for refilling of the central cleaning system.
Disinfectant & Sanitation Unit
Designed to automatically flush the internal surface of your chutes, our Disinfectant and Sanitation Unit helps to maintain the hygiene, wellbeing, health and safety of your premises. This ensures that your chute stays odour free.
Fire Sprinklers
Fire Sprinklers are installed at alternate levels and at the head of the chute. When temperatures reach 68°, the sprinklers open to extinguish fires. Accessible through the intake hopper doors for inspection and service.
Intake Hopper Doors - Standard, Interlocking & Segregated
A class above the rest, Multicomponents Intake Hopper Doors set the gold standard in the market. Made entirely from 304 Stainless Steel, our doors have excellent quality, are longer lasting, easier to clean, and require less maintenance. The silent hydraulic closure system eliminates noise and ensures safer operation. All of our intake hoppers are 120 minutes fire rated as per Australian Standards AS1530.4-2005 and are available in various sizes depending on your requirement.
Floor Support Frames
Floor Support Frames are fixed around chute and fixed to slab at each floor. Frames are hot dip galvanised to prevent rusting and for superior life.
Intermediate Connecting Pieces
Built to last, these vertical chute sections connect to each of the Intake Hopper Doors and Intake Bodies and moves the waste materials downwards to the bin in the Garbage Room. Completely seamless, all Intermediate Connecting Pieces have a flushed interior and are assembled without bolts, rivets or clips protruding into the chute opening.
User Control Panel
User-friendly Control Panel at every floor level gives an indication about the readiness of chute for usage.
Intake Body
Chute Intake Body is designed to fix the hopper doors for proper disposal of the garbage bags through the chute vertical intermediate connecting pieces. Chute has a special double slope design for centering the trash within the chute.
Chute Offset
Angled bends in heavy thickness at the bottom of the chute to direct the falling waste or linen into the bin or trolley. Also used to reduce the velocity and withstand the impact of falling garbage.
Discharge End Fire Door
Built to an exceptionally high standard of precision and safety, the Discharge End Fire Door gives a vital 2 hour fire protection from fire in the Garbage Room. Operation is by 2 powerful springs pulling against a 68ºC fusible link. In the event of a fire the fusible link breaks and the springs pull the shutter door across the chute, preventing fire from travelling up the chute into the building.
e-Sorter System
Designed to provide a solution to the problem of recycling or separating waste types generated in multi-storey buildings. The electro-hydraulic motorised e-Sorter system at the bottom of the chute in the Garbage Room diverts the waste in the appropriate bin. Operated by the User Electronic Control at different levels in building. Available for two or three sorts and can be combined with multiple bin carousels and compactors for effective waste management.
Control Panels for Sanitation Unit, Carousel & Compactor and/or Interlocking Hopper
Easy to operate Control Panel is located in the Garbage Room and includes a variety of control options for the operation of interlocking hopper doors, sanitation unit, exhaust fan and carousels & compactors.
Garbage/Linen Trolley
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wheelie garbage trolleys for waste disposal and collection. Available in varied capacities (240L, 330L, 660L and 1100L wheelie bins) and colour standards.


  • 1.Ventilation System with Exhaust Fan
  • 2.Central Cleaning System
  • 3.Keyed Access Hatch Door
  • 4.Disinfectant & Sanitation Unit


  • 5.Fire Sprinklers
  • 6.Intake Hopper Doors - Standard, Interlocking & Segregated
  • 7.Floor Support Frames
  • 8.Intermediate Connecting Pieces
  • 9.User Control Panel
  • 10.Intake Body


  • 11.Chute Offset
  • 12.Discharge End Fire Door
  • 13.e-Sorter System
  • 14.Control Panels for Sanitation Unit, Carousel & Compactor and/or Interlocking Hopper
  • 15.Garbage/Linen Trolley

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